Elektron’s ‘audio enhancer and destroyer’ gets an upgrade.

Elektron has released a new version of Analog Heat, the Swedish synth company’s stereo analog sound processor.

Analog Heat MKII arrives less than two years after the releases of its predecessor, and includes “tougher and more precise” encoders, backlit buttons and a larger and sharper OLED screen (the original model had just a backlit LCD display).

Like the original, the Analog Heat MKII features eight analog distortion circuits that can be used for everything from tape-style saturation to overdrive, crunch and harmonic fuzz.

It also includes a stereo analog filter, stereo EQ and assignable envelope generator and LFO for adding modulation. “Combined use of filter and envelope lets you heat up just the frequency range you want, at just the amplitude threshold you want,” Elektron says.

According to Elektron, the Analog Heat MKII is more straightforward use than its predecessor thanks to additional visual feedback on the amp, filter, envelope and LFO pages that makes understanding sound processing and modulation easier.

As for connections, the unit has two 1/4″ balanced inputs, two 1/4″ balanced outputs and two  1/4″ inputs for CV/expression pedals. It also has a 1/4″ headphone output, MIDI in, out and thru ports and a USB port for using it with Elektron’s Overbridge software – though Overbridge compatibility isn’t enabled at launch.

Analog Heat MKII is available from stores now and costs $819/£750/€830–870. Earlier this year, Elektron released Digitone, an FM synth and sequencer based on its Digitakt drum machine.

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