Digitakt and Digitone owners might soon get their hands on Overbridge.

Swedish synth company Elektron has announced a closed beta test for version 2.0 of Overbridge, the software that integrates its hardware synths and effects units with DAWs like Ableton Live and Logic.

Overbridge 2.0 was scheduled to arrive last year shortly after the release of Elektron’s Digitakt drum machine, but the software has been delayed several times since. Digitakt and the recent Digitone synth are incompatible with the most recent version, 1.15.0.

When it’s released, Overbridge 2.0 will also allow owners of the Digitakt, Digitone and recently released Analog Heat MKII sound processor to control them with dedicated software plugins and stream multi-channel audio over USB.

The software will also allow owners of the instruments to affect computer audio with hardware processing, recall settings when loading a project in your DAW and allow them to function as a standalone sound card.

The beta test is closed, but anyone interested can apply to Elektron to be considered for testing at its website.

In preparation for the release of Overbridge 2.0, Elektron has also updated the operating systems for all compatible products, including the Analog Four models, Analog Keys and Analog Rytm MKI and MKII.

However, upgrading to the latest operating systems will break any compatibility with Overbridge 1.15.0, so you may want to wait unless you’re desperate to try the new version out.

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