A selection of tracks from the producer’s archive made between 2015 and 2017.

UNO NYC affiliate Sharp Veins has released a free 30-track compilation of selections from his archive.

The release arrives with a statement from the producer: “take these, the preterit, as a sort of ‘this is what i’ve been doing while i’ve been quiet’ then we can all move on”.

Artwork by: birthday boy


detritus preterit selections follows the producer’s contribution to Different Circles Weightless Volume 2 compilation, ‘Already Bones’, in 2017 and his EP bleeds colors and puddles for UNO, also that year.

The album is available for free download, as well as limited edition USB and Hard Drive versions, at the artist’s Bandcamp. Check out the tracklist and listen to Sharp Veins’ wild FACT mix below.


01. ‘across the cfloor v2 v1’
02. ‘been gone shitty mixdown’
03. ‘crshed like a toad v1’
04. ‘little worm’
05. ‘bluest night in the garden [168]’
06. ‘shallows’
07. ‘hi winder MENU MUSIC [85]’
08. ‘misplaced my nostalgia’
09. ‘drawing’
10. ‘a color fly v1 mp3 [85]’
11. ‘couldnt sleep v1 [137]’
12. ‘mellowdeath [ROUGH]’
13. ‘a outside world v1 [159]’
14. ‘a third bird v1’
15. ‘a soft coast’
16. ‘a star reflects the ocean and vice versa ROUGH’
17. ‘lo ball sanctuary [demo]’
18. ‘forget it v1 mp3 [156.34]’
19. ‘televise icarus v1’
20. ‘return 2 tha club [demo]’
21. ‘be a letdown v1’
22. ‘forever night rip’
23. ‘grouper interview’
24. ‘crooked v1 [117]’
25. ‘TUMMY instrumental’
26. ‘fun baths games sinking ships bath game v1’
27. ‘gapfill’
28. ‘pritty hjurts me’
29. ‘lets wash our hands v3 [150]’
30. ‘i care for what u wish for v1’

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