Stop Flapping Your Gums Vol.1 lands next month.

UK producer Anthoney Hart aka East Man is launching a new label called Hi Tek Sounds.

The label is named after Hi Tek, the term Hart (who has also recorded as Basic Rhythm and Imaginary Forces) gives to his own take on grime, a hybrid style “that reduces the sound to its steely fundamentals, bringing in influences from dancehall, drum & bass, and techno.”

The label’s first release arrives on vinyl and digital formats on September 14. According to Hart, it’s the first of a series of instrumental EPs from his East Man alias that will explore the “deeper, instrumental side of the Hi Tek Sound”.

Stop Flapping Your Gums Vol.1 features four tracks and can be pre-ordered at Bandcamp. Listen to lead track ‘Twilight’ below.

The EP follows the debut East Man album, which was released on Planet Mu in February. Titled Red, White and Zero, it saw Hart team up with grime MCs such as Saint P, Irah, Killa P and Eklipse.

Earlier this year, FACT teamed up with Hart on a freestyle odyssey highlighting some of the talent on the album – watch that below.

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