The synth starts at €1,399.

Yamaha is releasing a new mid-priced hybrid synth, the MODX.

The MODX – which starts at €1,399 – is a less expensive take on Yamaha’s Montage workstation from 2016, combining two of the company’s sound design technologies: Advanced Wave Memory (AWM2) synthesis and FM-X.

AWM2 is a waveform-based subtractive synthesis engine that can process both samples and synthesised sounds, primarily used for making ‘realistic’ acoustic instrument sounds.

FM-X is an eight-operator FM engine – considerably more powerful than that found on the DX7 and Yamaha’s other 1980s FM synths. It allows for 64 voices of polyphony as opposed to just 16 and includes an envelope follower for modulating parameters with an external audio source.

The MODX carries over other features from the Montage: a “Super Knob” that controls multiple parameters simultaneously, a built-in audio interface offering providing two ins and 10 outs over USB and Motion SEQ, which allows you to create tempo-synchronized, customizable control sequences.

The MODX also inherits the same variety of onboard DSP effects including Beat Repeat, Vinyl Break Bit Crusher, Analog Delay and amp simulators.

The MODX comes in three models: the 49-key MODX6, 76-key MODX7 and 88-key MODX8. The keys are semi-weighted and Yamaha says its compact and lightweight design is as much for musicians on the go as it is for use in the studio.

The Yamaha MODX will be available later this month. The MODX6 costs €1,399, MODX7 comes in at €1,599 and the MODX8 is €1,849.

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