The sub-$100 enclosures come in three sizes.

Eurorack company 4ms is attempting to make the format more accessible to a wider audience with the introduction of individual module enclosures called Pods.

According to a tweet from 4ms, Pods come in three sizes – 20hp, 26hp and 32hp – and you can buy them powered or unpowered. The Pod20 costs $55 unpowered or $99 powered, Pod26 is $60/$109 while a Pod32 costs $65/$119. The powered Pods will come with a “newly designed, daisy-chainable supply”, though you’ll have to buy a power brick separately.

While most off-the-shelf Eurorack cases are too large and expensive for newcomers don’t want to invest so heavily in the modular synth format, Pods let anyone make use of a module like 4ms’ 26hp Spectral Multiband Resonator with an existing set of pocket synths.

4ms isn’t the only company to build dinky Eurorack enclosures – Intellijel has previously offered a 42hp case with power – but it’s difficult to find powered cases at the small sizes 4ms is offering. The daisy-chainable design also leaves room to expand or take a flexible mini Eurorack setup to a gig.

4ms hasn’t announced a release date for Pods, but the company says they are “coming soon”.

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