The £199 skiff case has all you need to start building a modular synth.

Glasgow’s Rubadub store is aiming to make building a Eurorack modular system more accessible with the introduction of a new skiff case in powered and unpowered variants.

The case, which has been made in collaboration with local Glasgow fabricator MCG Hardware, has 88HP of rack space – enough for a single row of modules to get started or for existing users to expand their systems.

Rubadub is offering the case on its own for £79 or with a power source for £199. The powered version includes a ROW30 power source module from 4ms, a Rubadub brand flying bus cable and a pack of 50 Befaco Knurlies screws.

At £199, Rubadub’s powered case is one of the more competitive options on the market. It’s less expensive than similar options from Erica Synths, Make Noise and Intellijel, though Arturia’s new 84HP powered Rackbrute case can be found for roughly the same price.

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