The stores will now be able to offer more synths and Eurorack modules.

Bristol’s Elevator Sound and Cardiff’s Cymru Beats – two of the UK’s best synth and music hardware shops – are merging.

According to Elevator Sound owner Marco Bernardi, the stores are joining forces in order to provide more choice and quicker delivery times for their customers.

“Cymru were looking for a new premises at the time we had a spare room available within the store,” Bernardi tells FACT. “I put the idea to Simon [Jones, Cymru’s owner] about the possibilities of moving into the shop and joining forces, we discussed the options of how the opportunity could benefit both businesses and gladly it all came out positive.”

Bernardi tells FACT that the merger will have no effect on Elevator Sound’s bricks and mortar location, which will both continue to allow customers the opportunity to try out new synths and Eurorack modules before they buy.

“Cymru Beats are an online store, where as we are a physical store,” Bernardi tells FACT. “Shop customers will not only benefit from the extra amount of stock we will now be holding in-store, but also now the stock within our racks will grow, offering a much more varied selection of products to try before buying which is always nice.”

The stores are two of the UK’s most popular destinations for buying Eurorack modules. Elevator Sound – which is located in Bristol’s Stokes Croft area near to the Idle Hands record store – is also known for releasing its own in-house sample packs.

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