The experimental composer and turntablist puts a unique spin on one of her own compositions.

Shiva Feshareki is an internationally acclaimed experimental composer, turntablist and NTS DJ who works within the intersection between electronic music, classical composition and the “cutting-edge expression of turntablism”. We visited her London studio to catch a glimpse of what her unique artistic practice could yield in just 10 minutes.

Using a variety of effects, a pair of turntables and a “sonic sculpture” designed by Haroon Mirza, Feshareki manipulates a recording of her own acoustic orchestral composition DIALOGUE, recorded earlier this year by the BBC concert orchestra.

Feshareki is currently the featured Composer at London’s Spitalfields Festival, at which she will showcase a new score, revisions of her compositions ‘GABA-analogue’ and ‘O’, as well as a new collaboration with artist Haroon Mirza involving lyrics from Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures. Her debut album, NEW FORMS will be released on RESIST on February 15, 2019.

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