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FACT mix 684: Simo Cell

Livity Sound alum Simo Cell turns in a surprising blend of rhythmic oddities and bass-heavy club destroyers.

French producer Simon Aussel, aka Simo Cell, has been churning out eerie, bass heavy club music since 2015, when he released the electro-flecked I.M.O. (Icy Moon Orbiter) EP on Fragil Musique.

Since then, he’s gone from strength to strength, becoming the first non-British producer to release on Bristol’s celebrated Livity Sound imprint and appearing earlier this year on one of the year’s best dance music compilations, Timedance’s excellent Patina Echoes.

Aussel’s FACT mix illustrates exactly why the producer is so in demand right now. It’s varied, but not irritatingly eclectic, tumbling from Zuli and DJ Plead’s wobbly rhythmic excursions to bigroom bangers from CJ Bolland, Jeff Mills and Rhythim Is Rhythim.


Zuli – ‘Don’t Fall Out The Window’
Saint Abdullah – ‘Madar Komakam Kon’
DJ Plead – ‘Get In Circle’
Rozzma – ‘Asly’
Gaunt – ‘Neeuee’
Simo Cell – ‘Ego Death’
Jeff Mills – ‘Transformation B (Rotwang’s Revenge)’
CJ Bolland – ‘It’s All In The Mind’
Amish Boy – ‘No Glory’
BE3K – ‘Space Trip’ (Instrumental)
Miss Modular – ‘Earplug’
Rhythim Is Rhythim – ‘Kaotic Harmony’ (Simo Cell Kaotrip Edit)
DJ Overdose – ‘Reinforcements’
Volruptus – ‘Alien Transmissions’
Dead Letter Drop #1
Jor-el – ‘Spectrum’
Heiko Laux – ‘Presence’
Wen – ‘Off-Kilter’
Meze – ‘Sans Corps’
Formation Boyz – ‘Jungle Anthem’
Hindzy D – ‘Snack’
Visionist – ‘Snakebite’
Kawuku Sound – ‘Buganda Dub’
DJ Die – ‘Reincarnations’ (Remastered)
2 Bad Mice – ‘Gone Too Soon’ (Sully Remix)
Suda – ‘Knotweed’
BE3K – ‘CKUNTIE 2.0’
Robert Hood – ‘Assembly’
13 Block x Basile3 – ‘Vide (Rechargé)’

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