Listen to an excerpt from the score, ‘Solidarity Theme (Release)’, now.

James Holden will release his first ever film score, the soundtrack to Chris Kelly’s A Cambodian Spring, later this month. The documentary centers around a lakeside community in Phnomh Penh fighting to save their homes from destruction by developers.

The album of solo synth work is a departure from Holden’s more recent collaborative projects such as 2017’s The Animal Spirits and heavily features the Prophet-600 synthesizer that dominated Holden’s 2013 album The Inheritors. The score will be released on Holden’s own Border Community imprint.

The score also features a knackered Hammond organ that fell apart during the recording of the score, the sounds of which can be heard on the three-part ‘Disintegration Drone’.

The A Cambodian Spring OST arrives on January 25 via Border Community. You can watch the documentary on demand via Vimeo. Check out the cover art, tracklist and a trailer for the film, below.


01. ‘Srey Pov’s Theme’
02. ‘Monk’s Theme Part I’
03. ‘Downturn Medley’
04. ‘Solidarity Theme (Villagers)’
05. ‘Monk’s Theme Part II’
06. ‘The Villagers’
07. ‘Disintegration Drone I’
08. ‘Solidarity Theme (Release)’
09. ‘Monk’s Theme Part III’
10. ‘Reprise’
11. ‘Disintegration Drone II (Torn Cone)’
12. ‘Disintegration Drone III (Death Rattle)’
13. ‘Self-Playing Schmaltz’
14. ‘Srey Pov’s Theme (End Credits)’

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