An all-in-one groovebox for just €460.

Elektron’s latest creation is an affordable sample-based groovebox.

Model:Samples is described by Elektron as its most accessible device yet, and follows similar all-in-one instruments like 2017’s Digitakt and last year’s Digitone FM synth. However, at €460 the device is Elektron’s most affordable instrument to date.

The device includes 300 preset sounds supplied by Splice including kicks, snares, hi-hats and “exotic, never-before-heard ones”. The samples can be tweaked with controls including pitch, decay, resonance. LFO and cutoff, and users can upload their own sounds via USB.

The device also has a built-in sequencer with Elektron’s parameter lock feature, chromatic mode for writing basslines and melodies, and a new chance parameter for randomization.

Model:Samples is available in February. Find out more at the Elektron website.

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