Hope This Finds You Well is out on February 1.

Berlin-based producer Cosmin TRG has released the first track from his new ambient album, Hope This Finds You Well. 

The producer describes the record as an investigation into contemporary corporate culture and “its reflection in the way streaming platforms create and tailor playlists suited to boost labour efficiency.”

In a statement accompanying the track ‘Romantic Slackbot Presentation’, the producer asserts that ambient music has been “adopted, adapted and weaponised”, used to fill out office playlists that “cater to corporate wellness, workplace harmony and act as a mental tonic.”

Hope This Finds You Well will be released on February 1 via Cosmin TRG’s own label, Fizic. Check out the cover art and tracklist below.


01. ‘Front Desk Optimization Ritual’
02. ‘Romantic Slackbot Presentation’
03. ‘Insouciant Change Agent’
04. ‘Executive Eventide Deck’
05. ‘Dynamic Elevator Coup’
06. ‘Paradigm Shift ASAP’
07. ‘Viral Synergy Delivarable’
08. ‘Awesome Looking Forward’
09. ‘Better Healthier Computer’
10. ‘Holistic Watercooler Prototype’
11. ‘Upscale Scalability, Implemented’
12. ‘Furthermore’

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