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Hear its first track – a rework of ‘Bara To Yaju’.

Japanese composer and Yellow Magic Orchestra co-founder Haruomi Hosono is releasing a new version of his LP Hosono House, called Hochono House, this March, reports Exclaim.

Its 11-tracks feature Hosono re-composing, recording and producing the album entirely on his own.

Hochono House follows his original score for Hirokazu Koreeda’s film Shoplifters, as well as Light In The Attic’s extensive reissue campaign of Hosono’s albums in 2018.

Pre-order a copy of Hochono House here ahead of the March 6 release on Speedstar Records. Check out the album artwork and tracklist below.


01. ‘Rock-a-Bye My Baby (ろっか・ばい・まい・べいびい Rokka Bai Mai Beibī)’
02. ‘Boku wa Chotto (僕は一寸)’
03. ‘Choo Choo Gatagoto (CHOO CHOO ガタゴト)’
04. ‘Owari no Kisetsu (終わりの季節)’
05. ‘Fuyu Koe (冬越え)’
06. ‘Party (パーティー Pātī)’
07. ‘Fuku ha Uchi Oni ha Soto (福は内 鬼は外)’
08. ‘Jūsho Futei Mushoku Teishūnyū (住所不定無職低収入)’
09. ‘Koi wa Momoiro (恋は桃色)’
10. ‘Rose and Beast (薔薇と野獣 Bara to Yajū)’
11. ‘Aiaigasa (相合傘)’

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