Mutes is available ready-made or as a DIY kit.

If you’ve ever browsed YouTube for modular synth demo videos you’ve probably come across DivKid, whose Eurorack demo videos are some of the most knowledgeable and in-depth available.

With the help of Eurorack developer Befaco, the YouTuber and synth expert has today launched his first module, an inexpensive, compact 4HP performance tool called Mutes.

As the name suggests, Mutes is a tool for muting audio, but can also split groups of signals to multiple destinations allowing it to be used for dub-style mixing effects. It can also mute CV modulation signals, sequencers and gate sources.

As DivKid’s demo video explains, the module circuitry includes vactrols for click-free muting and a slight decay. The switches can be on, off or momentary, which allow for some interesting performance effects.

Mutes is available as an assembled unit (£110) or as a DIY kit (£58.33) and PCB/panel combo (£37). Find out more at the DivKid website.

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