An abstract trip into experimental turntablism.

Today marks the release of experimental turntablist Shiva Feshareki’s debut album NEW FORMS. Released on Belfast label Resist, the album is described by Feshareki as a “snapshot” into her compositional process and its contexts, which involves taking existing music and splicing it together to create new “shapes and perspectives”.

NEW FORMS is a sonic exploration of perspective, but also a social exploration of context,” Feshareki writes in the album’s liner notes. “A symbol of how one idea can have so many perspectives of opinion, extension, complexity and interpretation.”

“Lack of communication and understanding between different social forms is one of the biggest issues I see and if I can demonstrate sonically how one form can be vastly transformed using nothing other than its own material, then I can demonstrate this complexity and vastness of perspective.”

In Daniel Haddock’s video for album track ‘V-A-C Moscow’ above, live performance footage from the track’s creation at Moscow’s V-A-C Foundation in August 2018 is spliced with three-dimensional geometric shapes and archive film to disorientating effect. It mirrors the unstable rhythms of the track itself, which is made up of music from Photek’s The Fifth Column, excerpts from M.E.S.H.’s Piteous Gate album and Johannes Volk’s Saw Tooth Novel EP.

NEW FORMS is available to order now from Bandcamp. Revisit Feshareki’s recent Against The Clock episode below.

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