The Ibiza veteran lost an ongoing battle with cancer over the weekend.

Tony Pike, the founder and former owner of legendary Ibiza party destination and celebrity hangout Pikes Hotel, has died following a battle with prostate and skin cancer. He was 85 this year.

Last year Pike starting raising money last year to pay for his own cancer treatment, setting up a GoFundMe with a goal of €26,000 for “dendritic cells therapy”, but the campaign ultimately failed to reach its goal. “People think I am a multimillionaire because the hotel is sold”, he said in a statement, referring to his sale of Pikes Hotel to Ibiza Rocks in 2008, “The opposite is true.”

Pike built the hotel with his family on an abandoned ranch in the countryside around San Antonio, Ibiza. The hotel, which was memorably used as the location the video for Wham!’s ‘Club Tropicana’, was an established destination for hedonism and excess, most infamously during Freddie Mercury’s 41st birthday celebrations.

Pikes Hotel has yet to release an official statement regarding the death of its founder.



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