The latest console remake from Analogue.

High-end console remakers Analogue have enlisted none other than Arca to compose the start up music for their Sega Genesis clone, Mega Sg.

The console features revamped hardware for lag-free, high definition play and is compatible with original Sega Genesis, Sega Mega Drive and Sega Master System cartridges. Check out the startup animation and Arca’s composition below.

The system also features high fidelity, 48KHz 16 bit stereo sound, making it the perfect excuse to re-visit some of the Genesis’s classic video game soundtracks.

In addition, a digital version of long-lost Sega Genesis title Hardcore – renamed as Ultracore for legal reasons – will be included on each Mega Sg console.

This is not the first time Analogue have reached out to the electronic music community to contribute to their products, collaborating with Ghostly last year on a limited edition SNES clone featuring start up music from Christopher Willits, Gold Panda, Mary Lattimore, Shigeto, Tadd Mullinix, Ouri, and Telefon Tel Aviv.

Analogue’s Mega Sg costs $189 and is available to buy now in four colourways. For more information, and for high-end remakes of the SNES and NES, head over to the Analogue website.

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