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FACT mix 699: Volvox

Brooklyn’s Volvox takes us to the warehouse on this pummeling blend of off-world acid and tweaked electro.

Born in São Paulo and raised in New York, Ariana Paoletti, aka Volvox, developed her passion for electronic music while she was living in Boston, spending long nights at legendary industrial club Manray. An interest in EBM and electro eventually turned into an obsession with techno, and before long Paoletti was a resident at the city’s long-running house and techno night Make It New.

After helping establish the Together festival in 2010, she moved to New York City and soon took the Friday spot at Bossa Nova Civic Club. The night was eventually branded JACK DEPT., and Paoletti roped in her old Boston college friend John Barera to assist, developing the project into a record label.

Paoletti’s FACT mix is a selection of delightfully full-on, acidic techno and electro from a DJ who understands the crucial push and pull of the dancefloor. With tracks from FACT favorites like Posthuman, Chrissy and Nightwave, it’s a masterclass in warehouse rave hedonism.

Volvox is performing at this week’s Re-Textured festival in London, which will be running at various venues across the city from March 28 to March 31. Tickets can be snagged from the Re-Textured site.

JACK DEPT. celebrates its five-year anniversary on April 5 at Bossa Nova Civic Club with Boston techno mainstay Isabella alongside Volvox and John Barera.


David Vunk – ‘Come to the House’ [Moustache Records]
Posthuman – ‘Down 2 Jakk’ [Craigie Knowles]
Lock Eyes – ‘Febbre’ [Lobster Theremin]
Joshua James – ‘Coarse’ [Phantasy Sound]
Kinko – ‘Daydreaming’ (Manny Cuevas Acid – Tick Mix) [Brain Food Records]
Danny Daze & DeFeKt – ‘Positive Ventilation’ [Omnidisc]
Credit 00 – ‘Ritmo Metálico’ (DDR Mix) [RatLife Records]
Grey People – ‘Raunchy Time’ [99cts Records]
Chrissy – ‘Suffer (Truth Bomb pt. 2)’ [Super Rhythm Trax]
Chris Moss Acid – ‘Myrmidon’ [Balkan Vinyl]
Sepehr – ‘Cybernetic’ [EON Records]
Zeta Reticula – ‘Z.E.T.A.’ [Bass Agenda]
Cestrian – ‘Underbite’ (Jensen Interceptor & Assembler Code Remix) [E-Beamz]
Nightwave – ‘Psychic Tonic’ (Jerome Hill Remix) [DEXT Limited]
Atix – ‘The Way’ [Tripalium Corp]

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