The first instrumental project from the Equiknoxx mastermind.

Equiknoxx producer Nick ‘Bobby Blackbird’ Dean has released a joyous new track, ‘The Master Blenda’, via Equiknoxx Music.

Conceived of back in 2015, the track was delayed due to a near fatal car accident that left Dean hospitalized for three months. ‘The Master Blenda’ features members of the Grammy-nominated Raging Fyah band, as well as keyboard legend Franklyn ‘Bubbler’ Wahl and horn master ‘Stingwray’.

The 10″ release includes a dub featuring Exile Di Brave on the flip, courtesy of core Equiknoxx producers Jordan ‘Time Cow’ Chung, Gavin ‘Gavsborg’ Blair and Bobby Blackbird himself.

Check out the cover art below and pre-order the release now.

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