It combines the sound of two different SID chips.

Twisted Electrons – the boutique company behind 8-bit synths such as the hapiNES – has introduced a new instrument based on the Commodore 64’s legendary SID sound chip.

The therapKid inherits several features from the company’s existing therapSID, but where that synth required the installation of a real SID chip (which can be tricky to get hold of), the therapKid recreates both the grittier 6581 chip and the stronger filter of the 8580 chip.

Despite the duophonic synth’s simplistic 8-bit heritage, the architecture is reasonably complex for an instrument of its size. Each voice is powered by four oscillators. Each of the eight waveforms can be adjusted for volume and tuning individually, which makes it ideal for creating chords and drones.

It also features an arpeggiator, ring modulator, the option to switch between duophonic and monophonic modes, a 50-slot preset memory, MIDI and MIDI over USB. The synth is also powered via USB.

The therapKid is expected to be available in May for €255. You can pre-order it from Twisted Electrons.

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