Pioneer DJ’s DDJ-800 has color screens in the jog wheels.

Pioneer DJ has introduced its latest controller designed for its Rekordbox DJ software, the two-channel DDJ-800.

The DDJ-800, which costs $899/£799, sits between the high-end, four-channel DDJ-1000 and the entry-level DDJ-400 on Pioneer DJ’s lineup. It inherits the layout of the DDJ-1000 at the expense of two channels, but has color displays in the center of the jog wheels that can show art, waveforms and track information.

It has a lot of the features you’d expect from a Pioneer DJ controller, including performance pads for sample triggering and built-in effects, as well as new features like a feedback reducer, which brings down “howling” microphone frequencies and an audio mixer feature that allows you to plug a set of turntables or CDJs into the controller.

Pioneer DJ’s Rekordbox DJ software, which reaches v5.5.0 today, is bundled with the controller and is available as a free update to existing owners. Pioneer DJ is also releasing the DJC-800 bag to go with it, which has been designed to carry and protect the DDJ-800 from impact and scrapes.

Last year, Pioneer DJ introduced the latest in its family of all-in-one DJ systems for Rekordbox, the XDJ-RR. No release date for the DDJ-800 has been announced, but you can find out more here.

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