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FACT mix 704: Parris

Bass journeyman Parris launches into far off galaxies with on this week’s FACT mix.

Londoner Dwayne Parris was raised on dubstep and grime, learning to spin watching the legendary DJ lineup at FWD>> and slowly developing his own language. And when it was time to sit in front of a DAW and write music, it came out a little differently.

Parris’s first productions emerged in 2014 – a pair of tracks made with fellow bass engineer Wen – and since then he’s been giving us semi-regular updates, traversing genres fluidly while never losing sight of the all-important low end. The producer has now notched up releases on a host of legendary labels – Idle Hands, Tempa, Hemlock, Trilogy Tapes, Rubadub, Ancient Monarchy, Keysound – and has nurtured a production style that puts him alongside fellow bass scientists Beatrice Dillon and Batu.

His FACT mix is a woozy, low-end heavy journey into contemporary club music, touching on the Bristol sound he’s been associated with – Batu, Ploy – moving into deeper, housier territory with FACT favorite Powder and drawing to a close with Barker’s deeper-than-deep trance reconstructions. Anyone looking for a stunning example of where UK club music is heading right now, this is the mix for you.


E-Unity – ‘The Season Square’
K-Lone – ‘Hypnos’
Unknown – ‘Untitled’
Cop Envy – ‘Untitled’
Unknown – ‘Untitled’
Unknown – ‘Untitled’
Lone – ‘Blue Moon Tree’
Via Maris – ‘Glow Wall’
Roza Terenzi – ‘Double Reflection’
Powder – ‘Gift’
Neinzer – ‘Rassalin’
Unknown – ‘Untitled’
(Tease)(Florian Kupfer – 4ever)
Ploy – ‘Roy’s Rolls’
Tzusing – ‘R’
Leon Vynehall – ‘Ducee’s Drawbar’
Unknown – ‘Untitled’
Blawan – ‘Stell’
Unknown – ‘Untitled’
Banbounou – ‘Handd’
Karenn – ‘Rek’
Mor Elian – ‘Feral Chime’
Batu – ‘Shiratani’
Kit Seymour – ‘Lost In Transit’
SP:MC – ‘Vintage’
Barker – ‘The Cascade Effect’
Daisy Moon – ‘Overwinter’ [Forthcoming Idle Hands]

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