A high-end counterpart to last year’s Grandmother synth.

Moog is expanding its family of semi-modular analog synths with a new high-end instrument, the 49-key Matriarch.

Moog’s Matriarch takes its retro visual cues from last year’s semi-modular Grandmother synth, though the new model has four analog oscillators over the Grandmother’s two. Unlike the Grandmother, Matriarch is capable of running in mono, duo and four-note paraphonic modes.

Other features include an arpeggiator, 256-note sequencer, analog LFO with six selectable waveshapes, 90 patch points for self-patching or connecting to CV-enabled gear and stereo analog delay with repeats that can be synced to MIDI.

The Matriarch’s components are based on those found in classic Moog gear from across the past 55 years. Its oscillators are based on those found in the classic Minimoog, the mixer is based on the CP3 module, its filters are based on those found in the 904A module and the analog delay is based on the MF-104M and 500 Series effects.

Moog will open general pre-orders for the Matriarch, which costs $1,999, on April 30. It will be available to try out at this weekend’s Moogfest in Durham, NC, where artists including William Basinski, Jlin, Kelly Moran, Eli Keszler and Craig Leon are all performing. Moog will also be selling a limited edition of 250 Moogfest Matriarchs, both from the festival’s pop-up factory or Guitar Center.

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