Digital distribution company Record Union conducted an online survey of almost 1,500 independent artists.

73% of independent artists have suffered from mental illness and a third of independent artists have suffered panic attacks, says the Swedish-based digital distribution company Record Union.

The results are based on a web survey of almost 1,500 musicians that was conducted between March 21 and April 2, which found that nearly three quarters of those that took part suffered anxiety, negative pressure, negative stress and depression as a result of their work.

The study, entitled The 73 Percent Report, found that fear of failure, financial instability, pressure to succeed and loneliness were some of the major factors contributing to mental illness.

Record Union has committed to donating $30,000 to projects that aim to prevent or aid mental illness among musicians. To apply for funding and for more information, head over to The 73 Percent Report website.

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