Listen to an ecstatic new track, ‘I’m Not Always Where My Body Is’, now.

Aïsha Devi will release a new EP of club shamanism and ritualised rave on Houndstooth this July.

S.L.F sees the Swiss-Nepalese producer expanding on the metaphysical club ragers that featured on her exceptional 2018 album DNA Feelings, one of our very favorite releases of last year. Listen to the ecstatic ‘I’m Not Always Where My Body Is’, now.

According to Houndstooth, Devi’s sound functions as “a contemporary ritual practice through binaural, healing frequencies and club impact”, a process that seeks to combine “the sacred and the virtual, the subliminal and the cognitive in a syncretic vision.”

S.L.F arrives on July 5 and is available to pre-order now. Check out the cover art and tracklist, and re-visit Devi’s gloriously weird FACT mix, below.


01. ‘I’m Not Always Where My Body Is’
02. ‘Two Serpents’
03. ‘Uupar-Theory’
04. ‘Teta 7hz (Tool)’ [Feat. DeForrest Brown Jr.]
05. ‘The Favor Of Fire’

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