With assignable pitch and mod wheels.

Elektron has given its Digitone synth a keyboard upgrade.

Digitone Keys combines the sound engine and all the controls of last year’s Digitone FM synth with 37 keys, pitch and mod wheels, dedicated outputs for each of the synth’s four tracks and eight additional encoders.

The encoders above the keyboard are fully assignable to the synth’s many parameters, as are the instrument’s pitch and mod wheels, offering quick and easy control over your own custom modulation patches.

“We designed Digitone Keys to grant instant access to its stellar FM sound engine,” Elektron CPO Jon Mårtensson Elmrud says. “Whether it’s about creating sounds or playing them, the creative tactility offered by Digitone Keys makes the workflow very fluent and flexible. More performance oriented. We are very proud of this black monolith, and would like to regard it as a true link between our world and the equally surreal and recognizable world of FM synthesis.”

The unconventional look of the synth is likely to be a throwback to Elektron’s Monomachine, whose SFX-6 model had a very similar layout.

Digitone Keys is available now for $1,299/£1,180/€1,320.

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