“Psychedelic interpretations of beat-centric electronic music.”

Elon Katz will release his debut album as E L O N on San Francisco’s Left Hand Path.

Pneumania sees the California producer and vocalist putting his own esoteric spin on electro, dub techno, and illbient. Listen to the frazzled title track now.

The album’s title refers both to the respiratory illness (pneumonia) and gas held under pressure (pneumatic) and is derived from a phonetic corruption of the term ‘New Mania’, a term which, according to Left Hand Path, “is the artist’s attempt to characterize an accumulative paradigm shift experienced within the past decade: a rampant increase of precarity and austerity, an acceleration of avarice, and a trend toward extreme political schism.”

Elon Katz released his last full-length, The Human Pet, on Diagonal in 2016. Pneumania marks his first new material as E L O N since the self-released Concupiscence EP.

Pneumania arrives on June 25 and is available to pre-order now. Check out the cover art and tracklist below.


01. ‘The Narrative’
02. ‘My Tertiary Agency’
03. ‘Inside the Private City’
04. ‘Standing with Precarity’
05. ‘Denizen Friend’
06. ‘Pneumania’

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