Forma pays tribute to Latin and Greek authors Ovid and Heraclitus.

London electronic composer Not Waving and Greek dub architect Jay Glass Dubs have teamed up as Not Glass for a new ambient dub project.

Forma was inspired by the Latin and Greek authors Ovid and Heraclitus, who hail from the artists’ respective homelands of Italy and Greece. The album’s six tracks take their titles from quotes from the two thinkers, and blend clattering sound design with expansive, droning soundscapes.

This year Not Waving has collaborated with Jim O’Rourke on an exceptional 12″ for Diagonal Records and released an ambient soundtrack album, FuturoLast year Jay Glass Dubs released his debut album, Epitaph, on Bokeh Versions.

Forma is out now. Check out the cover art and tracklist below.


01. ‘Fallite Fallentes / Eφη ὡς ἦθος ἀνθρώπῳ δαίμων’
02. ‘Dum Loquor Hora Fugit / Tὰ δὲ πάντα οἰακίζει Κεραυνός’
03. ‘Ludicrum / χορικόν’
04. ‘Pauper Ubique Iacet / Πολυμαθίη νόον οὐ διδάσκει’
05. ‘Ut Ameris Amabilis Esto / ὁδὸς ἄνω κάτω μία καὶ ὡυτή’
06. ‘Forma Bonum Fragile Est / ἐδιζησάμην ἐμεωυτόν’

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