The 330-capacity venue would include a late-night bar, record shop and cafe.

Bristol-based party collective Dirtytalk want to create a new music and arts venue for Bristol.

Organisers Shaun Tennant, Kerry Patterson, Robert Needham and Leigh Dennis have launched a Crowdfunder to raise £45,000 for the launch of Strange Brew, a 330-capacity space that will include two rooms, a large cafe/bar, a club/live performance space and a small record shop.

“We are keen to put down roots and move beyond hosting one-off events in order to reach out to a much wider audience”, the crew explains. “We aim to create a music and arts venue that we believe is sorely needed in Bristol, which will offer a fun and welcoming place for many groups and individuals to meet and connect, as well as being a platform for a diverse range of local and international artists, performers and subcultures.”

Dirtytalk intend for the space to have a late license, allowing them to stay open until 1am during the week and 3am from Thursday to Saturday. Strange Brew will also be fitted with a D&B audio system, a collaboration with local sound engineering company Amber Audio.

To donate to the cause, or to find out more information about Dirtytalk’s plans for Strange Brew, head over to to the Crowdfunder. See below for mock-ups of the space and a digital rendering of what the venue could look like in its full glory.

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