The magazine’s first-ever vinyl release.

Mixmag will celebrate the live performers of the late ’80s and early ’90s rave scene with a new compilation, the first-ever vinyl release from Mixmag Records.

The Keyboard Wizards Of Acid House features lost early tracks from iconic acts such as Altern-8, Orbital and 808 State, as well as contributions from lesser-known rave pioneers like Mr Monday and Ramjac.

The compilation was curated by Sean McLusky, the owner The Brain Club, a seminal rave venue located in Soho’s Wardour Street. Much of the record is made up of McLusky’s collection of DATs accumulated during the late ’80s and early ’90s.

The Keyboard Wizards Of Acid House arrives on May 20 and is available for pre-order now via Juno Records. Check out the cover art and tracklist, and listen to Mark Archer’s two-hour FACT mix as Trackman, below.


A1. Adamski – ‘Sunday Nite Confusion’
A2. Funtopia – ‘Beautiful People’ (Acid All Day Acid All Night mix)
A3. Mr Monday – ‘Future’
B1. 808 State – ‘Flow Coma’
B2. Irresistible Force – ‘Live Jam At The Brain Club’
B3. Lunarci – ‘Sbassed’
C1. Audio One – ‘Attack’ (11 Wardour Street mix)
C2. Nexus 21 – ‘Logical Progression’
C3. Ramjac – ‘Massif’ (live at the Brain Club)
C4. 0898 – ‘Firerazer’
D1. Altern-8 – ‘Come With Me’ (Holocaust 7″ edit)
D2. Simon Lovejoy – ‘Montmatre’
D3. Orbital – ‘Son of Chime’ (live at the Brain Club)

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