A Change.org petition has been launched to prevent the owners of the iconic techno boat from evicting the club.

Parisian techno institution Concrete is being threatened with closure.

BPIF (Bateau de Paris-Ile-de-France), the company that owns ‘Le Ponton la Rapée’ – the iconic boat on which Concrete is situated – refused to renew the club’s contract at the beginning of 2019, issuing them a 15-day eviction notice in February. Late last year Concrete was close to purchasing the boat outright, but the offer was rejected by the BPIF director without explanation.

A Change.org petition has been launched in an attempt to prevent Concete’s closure, which would affect the the jobs of the 70 staff currently employed by the club. The Deputy Mayor of Paris, Frédéric Hocquard, describes the venue as “one of the main clubs that animates and really lights up Parisian nightlife”.

“In just a few years, this place has become one of the hearts of techno music and the revival of Paris nightlife”, says Hocquard. “This heart must not stop beating”.

For more information about Concrete’s situation, and to sign the petition to prevent the club from closing, head over to Change.org.

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