A fictional alias borne out of a collaborative Buchla jam.

Irish producer Eomac and Japanese artist Kyoka have teamed up under the fictional alias Lena Andersson for a new album on Raster-Artistic.

The collaboration was borne out of a Buchla jam between the two artists that took place at Stockholm’s EMS studios. This developed into improvisational sessions during which the duo drew source material from Kyoka’s extensive field recording collection, combining these sounds with Eomac’s intricate, pummeling production.

Söder Mälarstrand is out on June 28 via Raster-Artistic. Check out the album artwork and tracklist below.



01. ‘Middle Of Everywhere’ [Feat. Seiki & Mike Watt]
02. ‘BAZU / バズ’
03. ’37 Years Later’
04. ‘Das Tier’
05. ‘Con un Cuchillo’
06. ‘After 88 Years’
07. ‘Mieko Loop’
08. ‘Anarchy / Joy’
09. ‘Profit over People’
10. ‘Mystic’
11. ‘I Want Her (You) To Call Me Baby’
12. ‘Le…’

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