Listen to a new track, ‘Sem Gente’, now.

Ondness, one of the many musical aliases of producer Bruno Silva (Sabre, Serpente), arrives on Lisbon’s Holuzam with a new mixtape.

Not Really Now Not Any More focuses on “the idea that we are constantly floating around unfinished ideas”, featuring 10 soundscapes that seem to be in a constant state of construction. Listen to a new track, ‘Sem Gente’, now.

The tape takes its title from a piece of graffiti spotted by fantasy novelist Alan Garner that became a central influence on his book Red Shift, as well as Mark Fisher’s book The Weird And The Eerie.

Last year José Moura, Márcio Matos and André Santos inaugurated the Holuzam imprint with the release of Telectu’s Belzebu and DWART’s Taipei Disco.

Not Really Now Not Any More is out this Thursday (May 30) and is available to pre-order now. Check out the album artwork and tracklist below.


01. ‘Torre’
02. ‘Sem Gente’
03. ‘Pombos’
04. ‘Ares Disto’
05. ‘Esquina, Espera’
06. ‘Casa Fora Fallout’
07. ‘Ronda da Manhã’
08. ‘Mau Vibe’
09. ‘Lobos Da Capital’
10. ‘Torre’

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