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Genre-breaking Argentinian DJ and producer TAYHANA shows off her virtuoso skill.

Melody Tayhana grew up in southern Argentina before moving to Buenos Aires for school and becoming enmeshed in the local club scene. In 2013, she co-founded HiedraH, a Buenos Aires collective that revolutionized their local landscape by looking past the mainstream queer clubs and re-imagining something fresh, vibrant and progressive.

Now, TAYHANA is based in Mexico City and is part of a different collective – Encuentros Furtivos – still channeling the same energy into her new home. She’s even collaborated with HiedraH (and FACT favorites TORMENTA, in Brazil) to make crucial links around the South American global dance continuum, pushing a sound that’s open minded, hierarchy-free and unmistakably dancefloor centric.

As a producer, TAYHANA is just as adept at fusing sounds, filtering distorted echoes of trance and gabber through collapsing cumbia rhythms and walls of bass. This skill has seen her collaborate with Argentina’s SALVIATEK imprint as well as Mexico City’s own N.A.A.F.I. label, and she has a collaboration with Lechuga Zafiro on the horizon.

TAYHANA’s FACT mix is a perfect snapshot of her skill as a DJ. You might not be able to fully visualize her energy on the decks (trust us, it needs to be seen to be believed), but the way TAYHANA is able to blend Bamba Pana’s breakneck singeli sounds with DEBIT’s distorted tribal drums and the nosebleed gabber of Tymon’s remix of Perc’s ‘Hyperlink’ is, well, magical. This is what we’re talking about when we say dance music has never sounded so good.


Aergab – ‘MORG Part I’
Aggromance – ‘Almadura’
Wasted Fates – ‘Implosión’
Superficie – ‘Chassi’
MONSTART – ‘Lines’ (Syn remix)
Yelram Selectah – ‘Subersivo’
DEBIT – ‘The Alphabet’
Bamba Pana – ‘Wateranga’ (Domadana Remix)
Perc – ‘Hyperlink’ (Tymon Remix)
TAYHANA – ‘Petrolera’
TAYHANA ft. Aggromance – ‘Maravilla’
Santa Niña – ‘White Demon’
Tzusing & Hodge – ‘Electrolytes ‘
TAYHANA – ‘Interludio’
Conejx – ‘Moonlight’
Chromososav – ‘Rojo’
Aggromance – ‘Las heridas’
Luna de sangre – ‘NARTHEX EATH’

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