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FACT mix 710: Dee Diggs

Dee Diggs embodies black, queer, American dance music with this explosive mix.

There’s no shortage of nihilism in dance music at the moment, and it’s easy to see why, but wasn’t house supposed to be about unity, free expression and transcendence? Dee Diggs is part of a growing movement of young DJs and producers championing house music’s true essence.

Diggs fell in love with house while studying abroad in France and had an epiphany when she realized, or recognized, that dance music is black music. When she returned to Boston, where she had been studying and tirelessly working on the local music scene, she had a fresh resolve and spent the next few years collaborating and refining her craft. Now based in Brooklyn, she’s a regular fixture throughout the city, and retains her connection to Boston with a residency at the popular SHAKE events.

On her FACT mix, Diggs presents a fearlessly black sound, tracing a line through her influences, like DJ Deeon, Parris Mitchell and Honey Dijon, through to contemporary NYC staples like MoMa Ready, quest?onmarc and AceMo. It’s a passionate, euphoric journey and should remind everyone that, in Diggs’ own words, “American dance music is alive and well.”

“It’s blooming again thanks to so many black & LGBTQ innovators and, of course, those leading movements to empower all kinds of women. My sound is the culmination of all of that love and reclamation.” We couldn’t agree more. Diggs will be bringing this passion and energy to Europe in August 2019 so keep your eyes peeled for tour dates.


Ladymonix – ‘Moments in Paris’
MoMa Ready – ‘Haus Lessons?’
Honey Dijon – ‘Houze (Houze Rebuilt Mix)’
Karizma – ‘Bounce B*’
Jovonn – ‘Party in My House’
Klein Zage – ‘She’s Out There’ (Local Artist Cult Mix)
Peggy Gou – ‘Han Pan’
Violet – ‘We Have Visions’
Huey Mnemonic – ‘Joyous Occasion’ (Nuclei Mix)
Lake Eerie – ‘Sex 4 Daze’
DJ Deeon – ‘Pump on the Floor (Juke Remix)’
DJ Nasty – ‘Pop Dat Booty’
SCRAAATCH – ‘Don’t Talk to Me’
Es-Q – ‘Enter the System (Original Mix)’
Lima ft. DJ Deeon – ‘Drum Cardio’ (quest?onmarc Remix)
DJ Ganyani ft. FB – ‘Xigubu’ (Gaia Afro Beat Exclusive Remix)
Solange – ‘You Can Get It’ (Devoye Bootleg)
Pharrell – ‘Beautiful’ (AceMo 2016 Bootleg)
Funky Green Dogs – ‘Keep Walking’
Colonel Abrams – ’99 1/2′
Parris Mitchell – ‘Masturbation’
Get Face – ‘OMW (GF REP UR EDIT)’

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