Listen to two new tracks, featuring Rabit and Eartheater, now.

Noise-rap duo Prison Religion are back with a new album.

BEACHHEAD sees False Prpht and Poozy developing the avant-club meets hardcore-rap sound we were first introduced to on their debut O FUCC IM ON THE WRONG PLANET

The duo have released two tracks ahead of the album’s release, ‘CANDY’, featuring Halcyon Veil boss Rabit, and ‘xNT NFC / B.O.O.T.’, a collaboration with fellow experimental noise-maker Eartheater.

Last year Prison Religion debuted on Halcyon Veil with RESONANCE IN EXOPLANETARY HYBRIDIZATION, a remix album featuring contributions from FACT favorites Swan Meat, Lee Gamble, Bonaventure and Endgame.

BEACHHEAD drops in July.

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