Featuring remixes from Dis Fig, Citizen Boy and TAYHANA.

Beijing-based audiovisual duo Zaliva-D are back on SVBKVLT with a new EP, Calling.

Over the course of the record artists Li Chao and Aisin-Gioro Yuanjin construct four mind-binding soundscapes, before tearing them back down with three furious remixes from Dis Fig, Citizen Boy and TAYHANA.

This year SVBKVLT has released excellent projects from Swimful and Gooooose, as well as the Cache 01 compilation, featuring contributions from Tzusing & Hodge, Hyph11e, Mun Sing, Gabber Modus Operandi and Scintii.

Calling arrives on July 12 via SVBKVLT. Check out the cover art and tracklist, a listen to TAYHANA’s recent FACT mix, below.


01. ‘Flutter’
02. ‘Calling’
03. ‘Groan’
04. ‘Itself’
05. ‘Flutter (Dis Fig Remix)’
06. ‘Groan (Citizen Boy)’
07. ‘Calling (TAYHANA)’

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