“Wide-eyed and naïve” music from a young Paul Woolford.

Paul Woolford’s second Special Request album of the year is made up of material rediscovered by the Leeds producer in a box of cassettes during a house move.

Bedroom Tapes arrives via Houndstooth on June 28, and captures some of Woolford’s “most wide-eyed and naïve creative impulses at a tender age”. Some of the album’s eight tracks came from sessions that resulted in his signing to the defunct UK techno label Blue Basique.

Woolford’s first album of 2019, Vortex, arrived last month boasting a collection of “bowel-evacuating bangers”. He’s expected to release two more Special Request albums on Houndstooth in the near future.


01. ‘Panaflex Sunrise’
02. ‘Pineal Gland’
03. ‘Thermatropic’
04. ‘Shoreline’
05. ‘Entropy’
06. ‘Xenospin’
07. ‘Double Rainbow’
08. ‘Phosphorescence’

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