A fresh summer mix from Kiwi Rekords.

Kiwi Rekords boss Conducta has dropped a fresh summer mixtape of unreleased garage cuts from some of the biggest names in the scene, including Mind of a Dragon, Sharda and Sammy Virji. Also included on Kiwi Krush are exclusive tracks from Notion, Tuff Culture and Anz.

Kiwi Rekords has had a prolific year, heralding a new wave of UKG with an expansive “call to arms” mix The Kiwi Manifesto, releasing a label sampler showcasing the progressive sound of UK garage and dropping massive singles from label mainstays Mind of a Dragon, Sammy Virji and Sharda.

Kiwi Krush is out now, for free. Check out the cover art and tracklist below.

Kiwi Krush


01. AJ Tracey – ‘Ladbroke Grove (Conducta Club Dub)’
02. Conducta x Notion – ‘Fez Mangal’
03. Sammy Virji – ‘Until Tomorrow’
04. Tuff Culture – ‘Fancy Car’
05. Jack Junior – ‘Down Inside’
06. Pillboy Miskeen – ‘Train Chair’
07. Prescribe Da Vibe – ‘Pretty’
08. Kobe JT – ‘My Life’
09. Pillboy Miskeen – ‘Vinewood Twin’
11. Smokey Bubblin B – ‘Better Run’
12. Donaeo – ‘The Party’s Over Here (Mind of a Dragon dub)’
13. Pamplegooze – ‘Moody Bitch’
14. Morenight – ‘Nismo’
15. Conducta – ‘Ty Dolla kiwi’
16. Prescribe Da Vibe – ‘Clearer Now’
17. Anz – ‘Open the Curtains Sis’
18. SMOAD -‘Beggin Me’
19. Burt Cope – ‘Years’
20. Salute – ‘Supercoin’
21. Sharda – ‘Alpine’
22. Tuff Culture – ‘Vibrations’
23. Morenight – ‘Untitled’
24. Yemi – ‘Back to You’
25. Coco – ‘Crowd Reaction’
26. Conducta x Sammy Virji – ‘Nose Beers’
27. Skelecta – ‘When You’
28. Conducta x Jarreau Vandal – ‘I Like it’
29. Douvelle19 – ‘Trouble’
30. Movement – ‘Burner’
31. Roger Sanchez – ‘Another Chance (Conducta edit)’
32. Jorja Smith – ‘Goodbyes (Conducta remix)’

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