The first time her 1982-84 run of cassette albums have been made available on vinyl.

Dark Entries has released a five-LP vinyl box set of classic albums from German new age icon Suzanne Doucet.

Starting her career as a major label pop success at the age of 18 before dropping out of the industry, Doucet returned in 1970 with Trip • Flip Out • Meditationa psychedelic collection of audio collages. She went on to develop her own unique style of new age over the course of five essential albums released on her own label, Isis, named after the Egyptian goddess of feminine divinity.

Transformation and Transmission, both of which she recorded as New Age with Christian Bühner, Reflecting Light Vol. 1 & 2 and Brilliance, made in collaboration with William Wichman, all appear here on vinyl for the first time. Reflecting Light Vol. 1 was included in our recent list of the best new age albums of all time.

Suzanne Doucet – New Age Box Set 1982-84 is available now in a limited run of 300, each stamped with a rainbow foil of the goddess Isis and including a zine designed by Eloise Leigh with liner notes, photos and reflections by Suzanne herself. Check out the cover art and tracklists below.


New Age – Transformation
01. ‘Attunement’
02. ‘The Neverending Path’
03. ‘Transformation’
04. ‘Drop Out’
05. ‘Cosmic Consciousness’
06. ‘Love’

New Age – Transmission:
01. ‘Good Friday’
02. ‘Shiva’s Dance’
03. ‘Moonlight’
04. ‘Transmission’

Suzanne Doucet – Reflecting Light Vol. I:
01. ‘Rising’
02. ‘Spiral Dance’
03. ‘Seacliff’
04. ‘Diving’
05. ‘Turning Point’
06. ‘Koan’
07. ‘Reflecting Light’
08. ‘9 Roses’

Suzanne Doucet – Reflecting Light Vol. II:
01. ‘Forever…’
02. ‘… and Here’

Suzanne Doucet & William Wichmann – Brilliance:
01. ‘Rose Skies’
02. ‘Brilliance’
03. ‘Eternal Dreams’
04. ‘Blue Wind’
05. ‘Crystal Flight’
06. ‘Starglider’

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