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A mind-altering 11-DJ mix from genre-flattening São Paulo club crew TORMENTA.

Last year, when I visited São Paulo for the first time, I came across a small club night hidden away in an apartment in the city. All night, TORMENTA, a multi-generational crew of producers, DJs and visual artists, melted together some of the freshest, free-est music I’ve ever witnessed.

TORMENTA was established in 2016 from the ashes of defunct collective Muscles Cavern. It was assembled by writer, DJ and producer Eduardo Pininga and his friends to add “a subversive narrative to São Paulo’s nightlife.” This would serve as a place for local DJs and producers to experiment with funk, reggaeton, tribal sounds, crossing them with experimental electronic sounds from across the globe.

With an aesthetic influenced by the early days of the internet, TORMENTA provides a space for radical hybridization, the processing of trauma through art and the unionization of minds in Brazil and beyond.

This mix is one of the most ambitious FACT has ever been involved with. Pininga has assembled 11 DJs, himself included, and the mix is comprised of 11 unique segments, each linked with dialog samples.

TORMENTA co-founder Sarah Blue kicks things off with chops of Goo Goo Dolls and Hildur Guðnadóttir’s Chernobyl OST. “Too emo for the club, too noisy for my neighbors to stand me,” she admits. Then it’s FKOFF1963‘s search for a sound that’s “simultaneously sad/happy and horror movie theme alike”; DJ WHEY takes “a quick look into a circuit party in hell”; ALADA drops in one of the finest versions of Britney’s ‘Toxic’ we’ve ever heard (spoiler: it’s sparklegabber) and PEPAPUKE makes “plastic 3d speed music in a non-carbon world.”

Then BADSISTA steps in to drop “emotional ‘I miss you’ sex at the speed of light”; MIUCCA triumphs with “a mixture of romanticism, nostalgia, pop music with dry, aggressive, noisy and odd sounds,”; “digital corpse” Gallow throws Missy Elliott over crunchy material from Casual Gabberz’s Von Bikrav; ECTOCORPORATION takes us to Mulholland Dr.; Pininga shows “the scary and the comforting beyond the ecstasy,” and AUN HELDEN finishes things off down the rabbit hole with Cradle of Filth and more.

This might sound like a lot and I warn you, it’s not easy listening and it’s not supposed to be. This is what freedom sounds like, and freedom isn’t easy – it is fucking crucial.



To Find Our Solace – ‘Their Weight and Memory (Oblivion)’ X Hildur Guðnadóttir – ‘Corridors’ (Chernobyl OST) [sarah joined a noise band blend]
Ari – ‘Aquesta Nit’ (demo) X Teddybear – ‘I Hate Myself More Than You Ever Could’
Elysia Crampton – ‘Homeless’ (Q’ara) [ORCORARA 2018]
MISOGI — ‘No Lies In The Fire’ (feat. badXchannels) X ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ (A Dog’s Journey OST) X Goo Goo Dolls – ‘Iris’ (violin cover) [sarah lonely mashup]
Quit Life – ‘Llegamos’
Kelman Duran – ‘Callao’ (+ a tiiiiiny piece of Palmistry – ‘Venom’)
Yikii – ???? ‘perlin noise’ (Remastered)
DJ Shshunj ?????? – ‘KaiBa’ (shsHuNj?????? flex edit)
Elli – ‘Because Youre Lonely’ x Young Cister – ‘Volverte a ver’ [sarah car crash edit]

13:14 FKOFF1963

Eycee – ‘Delicate Drippin’ x (Heaven on Earth Cover x FKOFF1963 keyboard)
Perez x FKOFF1963 – ‘Niki’ (Neana on the Track Remix) / ‘Paradigmas do medo’
Britney Spears x Organ Tapes x Moleskin & Neon – ‘Unusual You’ (instrumental) / ‘Springfield’ / ‘Spectra Dancehall’
Shlomo x FKOFF1963 x Hoodbastank x Akito & Famous – ‘The End’ / ‘Unreleased’ / The Reason (acapella)/ ‘Airplane Mode’
FKOFF1963 – ‘Unreleased’

30:00 DJ WHEY

Fantasy Tribes – ‘Devian Shaman’ x Billie Ray Martin – ‘Your Lovin Arms’ x Fares – ‘Alexandria’ (Engin Ozturk remix)
Ihab Sameh – ‘Need the Music’ x La Factoria – ‘Hombre de Poco Hablar’
Despina Vandi – ‘Gia’ (Diego Santander private mix) x Moosh & Twist – ‘All of a Sudden’ (SHX remix)
Slikback – ‘Senshi’ x Late Night Alumni – ‘In the Ashes’
Hyph11e – ‘Sinking’
Emiranda – ‘Real Life’ x Brutal Flex – ‘Virulence’

45:10 ALADA

Rafa Maya – ‘Toxicc’
Turf – ‘Jasper Jarvis’
Car Crash vs. Predator Jelly – ‘Personalbrand’
Resident Evil – ‘Revelations’
Nahshi – ‘Decelera’


Jasper Jarvis – ‘Trauma’
Amnesia Scanner – ‘AS Too Wrong’ (Nahshi edit) X Pabllo Vittar – ‘Buzina’ (Pepapuke edit)
Vitinho Polemico E MC Levin – ‘Pincelada’
GRRL – ‘Made Up’ x ‘RITIMO DOS BAILES’ (Pepapuke edit)
ShadowVariable – ‘Umbra’ x Mia Badgyal – ‘Não Desliga o Telefone’ (Pepapuke Edit)
Noire – ‘Reup’ x Frimes – ‘Pink money’ (Pepapuke edit)
NKC Productions – ‘Comm Link’ (KA MASTER) x Mc Nick (Pepapuke Edit)
La Diabla – ‘The Temple – 01 Lemon’


Trilha Pa Musa – ‘Incertezas Ivisíveis’
Badsista – ‘Tomotomo’
Badsista – ‘Tesão’


Amnesia Scanner & Bill Kouligas – ‘Lexachast VI’
RHR – ‘Valquíria’
Tiresia (Miuccia edit)
Ben Vince – ‘Fading in Panoramic’
Moa Pillar – ‘Closed Curve’
ACAVERNUS – ‘Sigilo da Impermanência’

105:14 GALLOW

Miedo Total – ‘Kompressor x Detente – ‘Mmdntp’ (Gallow soft blend)
Massive Attack & Mos Def – ‘I Against I’
Pininga – ‘Sangue de Lama’
Missy Elliott – ‘Pass That Dutch’
Von Bikrav – ‘Baise Tous Les Traitres’
Zakmatik – ‘Containment’
Gallow – ‘Trigger Shop’
Drumcorps (Gallowcore edit)


Llorando – ‘Rebekah Del Rio’
Ekstremalny Cyberrralizm – ‘I gor’
Não vou deitar – ‘Pabllo Vittar’
Nuclear Facelift – ‘L.A.M.’

123:30 PININGA

Pininga chuva de verão na br intro
MC Magrinho – ‘O Deejay?’
Lumpex – ‘Echo’
Pininga – ‘Kick Blergh’
Falloutboy – ‘Tnks 4 t dstortd. mmrs.’
Teto Preto – ‘165btm+++’ (Pininga edit)
Caterina Barbieri – ‘Pinnacles of You’
Pujol – ‘Atormentada’
Pininga – ‘Beat on e on da keke’
Pininga – ‘Estação Anjos’
JLZ – ‘Exit’
Pininga – ‘Desafio Da Putrefação’


Matsuo Ohno – Astroboy soundtrack x Alice Guel – ‘Deus é Travesty’ x Miedo Total – ‘Kompressor’ (Aun Helden Edit )
Corin – ‘Fatal Redemption’ x Pujol – ‘Buceta do homem pós moderno’ x
Walmart Yodel Kid (Wilhelmina Baile Funk Club Edit) (Aun Helden Edit )
Miedo Total – ‘Kompressor’ x Lingsir Wengi – ‘Satanic Mantra’ (Aun Helden Edit)
Madonna – ‘Baby Blue’ (Edit)

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