The second film from Hereditary director Ari Aster.

Following Colin Stetson’s chilling soundtrack for cult horror hit Hereditary last year, director Ari Aster has teamed up with Bobby Krlic, aka The Haxan Cloak, for the follow-up, Midsommar.

The film, which follows a young American couple as they take part in a psychedelic pagan solstice ritual that takes a turn for the horrific, was written around elements of Krlic’s composition and includes “wordless, atonal, ritualistic songs”, as well as traditional Nordic instruments, including the hurdy gurdy and key harp.

Whilst Krlic’s last album as The Haxan Cloak was 2013’s Excavation, the producer has worked on various film and TV scores since then, collaborating with Atticus Ross on soundtracks for films including Almost Holy and Blackhat and scoring the Netflix series Seven Seconds.

Midsommar will be released by A24 in US cinemas on July 3 and UK cinemas on July 5. Check out the score’s artwork and tracklist below.


01. ‘Prophesy’
02. ‘Gassed’
03. ‘Hålsingland’
04. ‘The House that Hårga Built’
05. ‘Attestupan’
06. ‘Ritual In Transfigured Time’
07. ‘Murder (Mystery)’
08. ‘The Blessing’
09. ‘Chorus of Sirens’
10. ‘A Language of Sex’
11. ‘Hårga, Collapsing’
12. ‘Fire Temple’

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