From amplitude to LFOs.

In 2017, Ableton launched a website called Learning Music, which taught the basics of making music in a DAW. Its follow-up, Learning Synths, is an interactive set of lessons that teach the principles of synthesis.

The interactive site can be used in desktop and mobile browsers, and is easy enough for non-musicians and anyone without experience of synthesis to follow. Lessons cover everything from amplitude to envelopes, filters and LFOs.

If you already have some experience with patching synths there’s a “playground mode” you can use to mess around and a set of “recipes” that show you how to make kick drums, plucked bass, siren sounds and more.

Learning Synths comes less than a month after the release of Live 10.1, which added features such as user wavetables and a new delay device. Ableton also added a new set of CV tools for using modular synths with Live.

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