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FACT mix 714: Siete Catorce

Mexican producer Siete Catorce dissolves club music in a psychedelic stew of influences from across the globe.

Born in Mexicali and raised in Oakland, California, Marco Polo Gutiérrez has been fucking with expectations and time signatures since 2012, not long after he and his family were deported and forced out of the USA, back to Mexico.

Gutiérrez’s music reflects a duality – it is unmistakably Mexican and filled with rhythmic references to Latin music, yet pulls just as much from Oakland and its diverse set of characters, musical innovation and spirit.

It’s tough music to pin down, from the wobbly, hypnotic bounce of Gutiérrez’s footwork-inspired 2013-released N.A.A.F.I. debut EP2 to the mind-expanding material alongside LA producer Amazondotcom on last year’s unmissable Teardropz EP.

His FACT mix is a distillation of ideas Gutiérrez has been working on for the last few years, and he blends his own material with tracks from SUBREAL, the label he runs with Amazondotcom, exclusive remixes (including a stunning rework of Debit’s ‘Numbering’) and tracks from across the global dance continuum. It’s a bizarre ride, melting tempo, pitch and rhythm into a soup of dissonant ecstasy.


01. Siete Catorce – ????
02. OMAAR – ‘Drumplate’
03. Airmax ’97 – ‘Xhrinicibles’ ft. Loft (Siete Catorce edit)
04. Russell E.L. Butler – ‘Gulf Stream’
05. DJ Plead – ‘Lee’s Shuffle’
06. CNDSD – ‘T_01’
07. Siete Catorce – ????
08. Yilan – ‘Regression’ (Amazondotcom Remix)
09. Bergsonist – ‘Colonial Revolution’
10. Domadana Kadodi Performers – ‘Recording Two’ (Lechuga Zafiro Remix)
11. Siete Catorce – ?????
12. El Irreal Vientiuno – ‘Colapso’
13. Siete Catorce – ????
14. Debit – ‘Numbering’ ft. DJ Earl (Siete Catorce Remix)
15. Siete Catorce – ????
16. Bumputu – ‘Tombola’
17. Siete Catorce – ?????
18. Natlek – ‘Little Places’ (Siete Catorce Remix)
19. Santa Niña – ‘Self Heatred’
20. Ambidex – ‘Catarsis’
21. Jorge Rodrigo – ‘44444B’
22. Sandunga – ‘Selva’
23. Radeco Domar – ‘Por un Ojo’
24. Siete Catorce – ????
25. Amazondotcom – ?????
26. CNDSD – ‘Fai[thton]gue’
27. OMAAR – ‘Speed Test’
28. Siete Catorce – ‘Roche Tres’
29. Amazondotcom x Siete Catorce – ‘Parti’
30. Loris – ‘Muro’
31. ???? – ?????

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