Six million tracks available to stream into your DJ set.

Beatport LINK, the new subscription streaming service aimed at DJs, is now available as a public beta for Mac users of Pioneer DJ’s Rekordbox software.

The new service was announced in May, and allows DJs to access six million tracks from Beatport’s catalog for $14.99 a month. Beatport also offers two “pro” plans for $39.99 and $59.99 a month that add the option to store 50 and 100 tracks offline.

As well as providing offline storage, Beatport LINK’s pro plans offer significant differences in streaming audio quality. In an interview with CDM back in May, Beatport’s Heiko Hoffmann explained that the basic subscription will offer only 128kbps streaming, with 256kbps AAC quality (equivalent to 320kbps MP3) only available in the pro plans.

“We think streaming for professional DJ use should be priced higher,” Heiko said when asked about the relatively high price of Beatport LINK’s pro plans. “And we also need to be sure that this is not biting into the indie labels and artists (and therefore also Beatport’s own) revenues.”

Beatport LINK’s Rekordbox beta is available now, but only to Mac users of the software. The full version is expected to launch this fall. Beatport is also offering a free 30-day trial of the service.

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