One of three new works to be released as part of Grand River’s One Instrument series.

Indonesian experimental artist Fahmi Mursyid, Italian jazz vibraphonist Alessandro Di Puccio and Spazio Disponibile boss Donato Dozzy are the latest artists to contribute to Grand River’s One Instrument series, in which artists are challenged to make music using one instrument only, with no samples and no effects other than reverb.

Donato Dozzy’s contribution is a 38-minute composition made using only a EMS Synthi AKS synthesizer while Alessandro Di Puccio’s piece features three one-take vibraphone tracks recorded 18 years ago. Finally, Fahmi Mursyid explores the music of the island of Java over six tracks, each made using a single traditional Sudanese instrument.

Fahmi Mursyid’s One Instrument Sessions arrives on September 6, while Alessandro Di Puccio and Donato Dozzy’s contributions arrive on November 1 and December 6 respectively. Check out the cover art and tracklists for all three releases below.

Fahmi Mursyid – One Instrument Sessions tracklist:

01. ‘Hening (Saron)’
02. ‘Wirama (Kendang)’
03. ‘Denting (Rösler Piano 50’s)’
04. ‘Halaman (Karinding)’
05. ‘Dentum (Bonang)’
06. ‘Alunan (Pan Flute)’

Alessandro Di Puccio – One Instrument Sessions tracklist:

01. ‘Autumn Jig’
02. ‘Wandering’
03. ‘Transparent Shapes’

Donato Dozzy – One Instrument Sessions tracklist:

01. ‘Slow Train Part 1 (EMS Synthi AKS)’
02. ‘Slow Train Part 2 (EMS Synthi AKS)’

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