“To be well adjusted in this system is to be oblivious and unfeeling.”

Margaret Chardiet, aka Pharmakon, is back with her fourth album for Sacred Bones.

According to the artist, Devour “uses self-cannibalization as allegory for the self-destructive nature of humans” and sees Chardiet using her unique blend of power electronics, industrial noise and soul-baring vocal performances to explore the fallibility of the human race.

“To be well adjusted in this system is to be oblivious and unfeeling”, says Chardiet. “This is for the rest of us, who understand that chaos, madness, pain and even self-destruction are natural and inevitable responses to an unjust and disgusting world of our own making.”

The album was recorded by Uniform’s Ben Greenberg and is the first Pharmakon album to be recorded live, with sides A and B presented as continuous takes with vocals from start to finish.

Devour arrives on August 30 and is available to pre-order now. Check out the album teaser, the album artwork and the tracklist, below.


01. ‘Homeostasis’
02. ‘Spit It Out’
03. ‘Self-Regulating System’
04. ‘Deprivation’
05. ‘Pristine Panic / Cheek By Jowl’

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