A mammoth 33-track showcase of the Italian label’s friends and family.

Helm, ZULI, Renick Bell, Ossia, Ausschuss and Alex Zhang Hungtai are just some of the artists featured on forever, a 33-track compilation from Milanese experimental imprint Haunter Records.

They are joined by a choice selection of producers from the darker fringes of various experimental club scenes, including Belgium’s ssaliva, Bristol’s Kinlaw and Berlin’s oxhy. Listen to ZULI’s collaboration with Broshuda, ‘Vector Cloak’, now.

Headed up by Daniele Guerrini and Francesco Birsa Alessandri, who produce as Heith and Sense Fracture respectively, Haunter Records have released projects from John T. Gast, Giant Swan, Ossia, ZULI and many more since the label’s conception in 2013. The two producers curated the compilation alongside Nicola Tirabasso.

Alessandri is also one of the minds behind infamous Milanese art and performance space Macao.

forever is out on October 4 and is available to pre-order now. Check out the cover art, designed by Katja Novitskova & Kareem Lotfy, and full tracklist below.


01. VISIO – ‘Landslide’
02. Ghost Lemurs Of Madagascar – ‘Fauno’
03. Maxwell Sterling – ‘DESIGNER DIRGE’
04. Weightausend – ‘Ceaseless Collateral’
05. ssaliva – ‘Why Me’
06. ZULI & Broshuda – ‘Vector Cloak’
07. Cube – ‘Latency’
08. Ausschuss – ‘Loose Unit’
09. Elvin Brandhi – ‘HAUNT’
10. Heith – ‘Suspicious Activities’
11. Sol Ring – ‘Shadow Heart’
12. Helm – ‘Permanent Mute’
13. Tadleeh – ‘Ruba Meta’
14. Celyn June – ‘Perndfgich001’
15. oxhy – ‘Santoor’
16. Sense Fracture – ‘Crime As Poetry’
18. Lag Os – ‘Not Alone (In The Forest Edit)’
19. Kinlaw – ‘Port Tropiq’
20. Heith & Weightausend – ‘The Wheel’
21. Lutto Lento – ‘Angels’
22. Noumeno feat. Sense Fracture – ‘Words Are only Places To Hide, And I No Longer Intend To Hide’
23. Nick James Scavo – ‘Vorsch (Threnody)’
24. XIII – ‘explo_er’
25. S S S S – ‘Dualistic Dead Ends’
26. Katatonic Silentio – ‘Eerie’
27. Alex Zhang Hungtai – ‘LA River Practice’
28. Glochids – ‘Running Fence’
29. Cobweaver feat. Seed – ‘ii + iii Tightened’
30. SOMEC – ‘Ra 1’
31. Renick Bell – ‘Seek Your Own Error And Learn’
32. Julien Andreas – ‘Pump’
33. Ossia – ‘Theresa’

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