Bespoke prints of your favorite tracks.

UK designer Alex Szabo-Haslam will turn your favorite track into a bespoke, customisable print with Waveform, his latest music-based illustration Kickstarter project.

Each artwork takes the form of a visualization of the waveform from a song of your choice. The resulting illustration represents the track as a series of bars which are individually plotted and then printed in a colour of your choice.

You can choose from either an outline version or a block color version of your print, colored from over 1,800 different color variations. Each print is presented on museum-quality paper.

This is not the first time Alex Szabo-Haslam has made soundwave art – last year he launched Sequence, a graphical system that turns any album ever recorded into a unique print.

You can back Waveform’s Kickstarter campaign here. A2 and A1 size prints are available, with shipping available anywhere in the world.

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